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Terms and Conditions

Prior to using our website, you should take the time to go through the terms and conditions that have agreed to the terms and conditions governing the use of this website. If you disagree with any of our terms and conditions it would only be in order that you do not use our website.

If you are looking to buy or sell businesses, franchise or business ideas on our website: You will have to agree to the consequent additional buyers and sellers terms and conditions listed herein.

Our website is hosted and operated by RealListingPagescom.. All visitors to this website will be urged to stick to the tenets of the law as stipulated by the law of Canada.

Our website is designed and dedicated to aid in the advertising for sale and purchase of small businesses, franchises and any other type of commercial property. All visitors to our website are asked to only contact the parties that are advertising commercial property if and only if they have genuine interest in the property advertised. You should not at any time use advertising contacts to procure goods or services to the advertising parties.


RealListingPages.com will not be held liable for any loss, harm or fraud due to the usage of our website. We are only liable for loss, damage or fraud that is directly linked to negligence or gross misconduct on our part.

RealListingPages.com does not carry out investigations into listed property and neither do we do due diligence on listed properties. Users of our website are asked to do their own investigation into properties listed on our website. We will not accept any liability for losses or damage due to the content that is on listed properties on our website. Visitors should be that adverts and listings are not binding agreements. You are under no obligation to accept the property and on acceptance you have an agreement with the advertising party and not with Real Listing Pages.

Data Collection

In the course of using our website you may be required to give us some personal information. All the personal information collected on our website will be handled in accordance with the laws governing collection and use of electronic data. For more details on collection, use and management of personal information go through our privacy policy.


Visitors of our website will at times come across third party links that will navigate you to other website's homepages. We will not be held accountable for any information, content or transactions carried out on these third party websites. The presence of third party links on our website should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation to visit the website: You are under no obligation to follow these links and consequently we will not be liable if you choose to navigate using them.

Visitors of our website can create a reference link to our website using the reference name www.reallistingpages.com . The use of our will be limited to referencing use only. Under no circumstance should our website reference be use to procure goods or services or carry out any kind of business or transactions. Similarly all information pertaining to our website should not be misleading, derogatory, false or in any other unlawful manner. RealListingPages.com reserves the right of use of our website link reference.

Intellectual Property

All kind of intellectual property contained on our website is solely the property of RealListingPage.com. Copyrights, trademarks, commercial property articles and any other information on our website are governed by the intellectual property rights. Our website users are not allowed to use this information in any other ways other than those stipulated in our terms and conditions. Reproduction, sale, modification or transfer of part or whole of our intellectual property is restricted unless otherwise authorized by Real Listing Pages.

Copyright Infringement and Indemnity

During the use of our website you are asked not to upload content on our website that violates the law in regard to intellectual property of other parties. We have the right to remove or omit information uploaded to our website that we believe infringes the copyright, trademarks or information of other third parties.

We do not control the content that our users upload to our website and we do not screen it for its accuracy and validity. Consequently Real Listing Pages will not be held liable for content uploaded to our website by visitors and users of our website.

By using our website you are agreeing that you will compensate RealListingPages.com, in the event that you violate any intellectual property rights. If you upload content that infringes copyright rights of any third party, you will indemnify Real Listing Pages on all counts including all direct and indirect damages, losses, fees and loss of future revenue. All liabilities of infringing content uploaded to our website will be covered by the user.

In the event that any content that is uploaded on our website infringes your intellectual property rights, feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Seller's Terms and Conditions

In the event you want to use our website to list your business, franchise or other commercial property for sale, be sure to read through our terms and conditions. Similarly go through our disclaimer and because you are a seller it is pertinent that you go through our seller's terms and conditions.

Our website solely deals with the sale of commercial property and nothing else. RealListingPages.com is not governed and monitored by any financial service institution or any other regulatory board. Therefore users are utterly prohibited from procuring financial items (Bonds, Shares, joint Investment Schemes and collateral) for sale on our website. If you have doubts or queries about advertising on our website feel free to contact us.

Our website offers a platform for sellers to advertise any commercial property on sale. We do not do investigations into buyers/brokers who subscribe to our listing and visitors to our website. It is important as a seller to do due diligence on prospective buyers and also obtain advice and verification using our professional commercial real estate agents and advisers.

In the event that you advertise on our website and you are contacted by individuals who are either dishonest or are requesting to procure services or goods that relate to the sale but are not making offers for the property. You should contact Real Listing Pages using our customer care services or write to us via email or post giving us full detail of the nature of the request.

By using our website to advertise your property, you must agree that the information procured and indicated is truthful and correct. You also agree that you will compensate RealListingPages.com for any incorrect or misleading information that leads to suits, loss or damages to us. You will indemnify us in accordance with the statutes of the law on any direct or indirect damages and losses that may incur due to procurement of wrong information.

RealListingPages.com will reserve the right to list property on our website. In the event we logically deduce that the property is not legal or is otherwise not lucrative. Similarly RealListingPages.com reserves the right to remove or edit property listings and contact on our website to improve the user experience and quality of our website. Our listings do not display the contact of the seller on the website. All communication on offers will be communicated via Real Listing Pages. RealListingspages.com is not a licensed real estate brokerage. We do not help you sell or buy real estate. We are a real estate marketing company that provides you with affordable and effective products and services that help property buyers and sellers and private home nad business sellers. 

The final placement of a property on our listings will be solely determined by the administrators of RealListingPages.com

Buyer's Terms and Conditions

All visitors to our website willing to make purchases of property listed on our website should read all the terms and conditions that pertain to the use of our website and the additional requirements that are required for buyers.

Before making contact with sellers through our website you should have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions. In the event that you do not agree with any of our terms do not contact the seller or contact us for more clarification.

As a buyer on our website you should understand that Real Listing Pages offers you only a platform to purchase businesses, business ideas and franchise businesses. We do not carry out due diligence reports on properties listed for sale on our website. It is important that you personally investigate the condition, authenticity and legality of the property. You could contract the services of our commercial property agents and advisers.

In the event that you are contacted by a third party other than the seller offering to procure services or goods to help make purchase. It is pertinent that you contact our customer care services to help you deal with the situation.

Any losses, damages or fiscal loss that is incurred by Real Listing Pages due to your direct or indirect usage of our website will be solely born by you. You agree to indemnify Real Listing Pages in full for damages and losses that we may incur due to wrongful use of our website by you the buyer.   RealListingspages.com  is not a licensed real estate brokerage. We do not help you sell or buy real estate. We are a real estate marketing company that provides you with affordable and effective products and services that help property buyers and private home and business sellers. 

Intermediaries' Terms and Conditions

All intermediaries who are either purchasing or selling commercial property on the behalf of a client should register on our website as brokers or realtors. These brokers/agents/brokers should clearly stipulate that they are not selling the property on a personal basis.

You must attest that you have full cooperation from the Rightful and Legal Owner of the property to advertise the business for sale. You must prove that you have the full consent to handle sale or purchase of businesses, business ideas or franchise from the owner and not any other intermediary.

You agree that Real Listing Pages has the right and authority to manage the advertisement of property listings. At no time will you try to manipulate, recreate or alter the software used in the management of our website pages. We reserve the right to manage our website and also all information communicated to you will be used for the intended use and should not be used in a manner that infringes our copyright rights.

Financial transactions

Payments to RealListingPages.com for services and packages provided will be done using credit card. Payments can be made using other means if prior agreements are made on alternative modes of payment. Payments will be done using standard currencies or Local currency. Any local charges should be borne by the user. Mortgage broker profile is excluded from free promotion*.


If you want to unsubscribe from any of our advertising packages and services, you can do that through account management systems or you could contact us via email to unsubscribe. The cancellations of subscriptions should be done before the first day of the month more appropriately one week prior to the beginning of the month. There are no refunds liable for subscriptions. Set up fees are not refundable.

All charged fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. All users subscribing to our services are asked to provide valid credit card and in the event that the credit card expires they should provide an alternative one. All users with invalid/expired credit cards will be illegible for services and will be removed.

All our users are urged to ensure that their financial detail and credit card information is correct and up to date. In the event that we are not able to procure payments for subscriptions the service will be suspended till the payments can be processed. You could contact our customer care services to give them direct update by visiting our contact us page. In the event that your services are suspended on reactivation of the service you will be liable for charges for the service during the duration of the suspension.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Intermediaries

In the event that RealListingPages.com manages and hosts the website of any intermediary (Broker/agent/realtor). You will have no right to the software used to manage or host these website pages. You will also have no right to manipulate, recreate, copy or reverse engineer the software in part of fully. RealListingPages.com reserves the right to all software and information in these web pages. Similarly we have the right to collect information from these sites for the purpose of procuring information and advertising to buyers, sellers and other intermediaries.

All information collection on this information should conform to the electronic data collection act and should by in accordance with the privacy policy of Real Listing Pages. You should comprehend and agree with our privacy policy on management, collection and dissemination of personal information.

Website Terms and Conditions

You consent that during the use of this website you will at no time upload any material that will impact negatively on RealListingPages.com. All information posted on this website should be true, accurate, not sexually oriented and not in violation of any individual's privacy. All information posted on our website should be in accordance with international and local laws. Email addresses and third party links should not be posted on our website.

You consent that you will not post information which you do not have copyrights over and that infringes that copyright of any other party unless with legal consent of the rightful owner. Solicitations, Pyramid schemes, Spam and advertisements should not be posted on this website.

While the managers and administrators of our website will try as much as possible to affirm the validity of information uploaded to our website it is a difficult task. Our website managers and administrators will try as much as possible to remove or edit infringing and inappropriate texts from our website. However this is done passively and therefore we are not liable for the uploaded content on our website.

In light of that you should acknowledge that the posts that appear on our website are an opinion of the individual author and not of our website administrators and managers unless it is a direct post from them. Consequently we may not hold the same opinion and as such will not be held liable.

We do not affirm that the information posted on our website by users is accurate, true or useful. The information posted on our website by any user is basically their opinion and not an opinion of Real Listing Pages, its staff or affiliates.

In the event that any of our users come across inappropriate information posted on our website, feel free to inform our website managers and administrators. We reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate information from our website. Many factors determine the removal of posted information including time frame and user profile. Information removal from our website may not be immediate as the process is manual.

All users of our website remain solely liable for information posted on our website. All users consent to indemnify Real Listing Pages in its entirety in the event of wrongful or unlawful use of our website against all charges, costs, losses and damages.

Real Listing Pages reserves the right to relinquish any kind of information pertaining to any user in the event that your use of our website infringes privacy or legal requirements.

Real Estate Listings allows users to register and choose a user name and password. Ensure that your username and password are appropriate to you account. At no time should you share your account information with any other individual other than our website manager. This is a detail that will help safeguard your privacy and protection. Choose unique but memorable passwords and usernames to prevent account hacking and at the same time ensure they are memorable enough for you to remember at all times.

On registering, logging into your account activates your account. While logged in your account you will be able to manage your account and update pertinent information. ReallistingPages.com reserves the right to remove any account information that is deemed inappropriate without consultation.

The use of our website will involve the use of cookies and hypertext links. These cookies and hypertexts will be entirely be used to improve visitor's experience and additionally help with logging in and out. Our cookies software will at no time send or collect any information other than the ones stipulated.


By registering as a user you are consenting to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated in these terms and conditions.

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