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Privacy Policy and all our affiliate pages respect the privacy and confidentiality of all visitors to our online pages. In the course of using our website we will collect information about your visit. We will collect certain information without necessarily consulting you but without breaching your privacy. We will strive as much as legally possible to manage, collect and use all information collected on our website with utmost discretion. Some of the information collected from unanimous users includes:

Anonymous Users

When you visit our website as a fast time user we will collect information about your geographical location, period of visit, IP address and Cookies. This will enable us to make adjustments to our website to help with better navigation and improvement of user experience on our websites.

IP address collects IP addresses from users to help us understand the visitors to our websites and enable them get more localized and specific information to their geographic location, search queries or most visited pages.


Cookies are short texts or tags that our website sends to browsers of our visitors to help in improving functionality and reverse tracking of the path Visitors used to get to our website and also track repeat visitors. These cookies help us measure the effectiveness of our online existence and also know the difference between repeat visitors and unique first time visitors. The information collected using cookies is in no way related to any individual and is analyzed and managed in an anonymous basis. You may accept or deny the access of cookies on your browser by changing the settings and deactivating cookies on your browser. In the event you do that you may or may not be able to access some of our website services.

Collection of Personal Information

While using our website, you may be required to give some personal information to enhance the use of some services or view some information. This information will be collected on a consensual basis and will not be subject to coercion. At no point while you are using the real listing pages website are you obliged to give us any personal information. The kind of personal information that may be collected on our website may be name, email address, physical address, fax number or telephone number.

The purpose of collection of this information will be entirely stated and the information will be used only for the purposes that it was requested for. Our website will collect only adequate information to suit the desired purpose. Some information will be mandatory and some information will be optional. Our privacy policy aims to manage and use collected personal electronic information in accordance with standards stipulated in the personal information protection and electronic data Act.

Real listing pages will try as much as possible to ensure that user personal information stored by them is accurate and up to date. In the event that the records are not accurate you are welcome to inform us on any changes to make corrections to the records. All this will be done in accordance with the statutes of the law that govern personal information collection.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Real listing pages will not at no time disclose information to a third party. However this information will be used for research and statistical analysis sometimes with third parties but will at no point disclose personal information that may breach your privacy. Real listing pages will only disclose personal information in the event that there is fraud involved or by order of the courts of law.

Third Party Links

While using the website you may encounter third party website links that will navigate you to other third party websites. While using our website you are under no under any obligation to follow these links. We will not be held liable for any information personal or otherwise collected by these third party websites. We do not know of the privacy practices or policy of these websites and hence by navigating to these websites you will have dislodged yourself from this privacy policy.


Real listing pages reserves the right to make changes to these privacy policy to ensure we uphold the privacy of our visitors in accordance with new Law enforcement policies. Make a point of revisiting the privacy policy to ensure you are well aware of any changes in the tenets stated herein. All changes that will be made on this privacy policy will be majorly to ensure we conform to the current requirements of the law and to enhance visitors experience by conforming to technological advancements and changes.

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We at Real Listing Pages value the feedback of visitors to our website and affiliate pages. Therefore if you have any queries, concerns or compliments concerning our privacy policy or the services. Please feel free to contact us via email at

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