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Tips You Can Apply While Leasing Commercial Property in Markham


Now declared a city, Markham is fourth in terms of population size at almost 350,000 residents. Being a city means that to some extent you can sustain the residents in some and this is the case with Markham. The city’s business services sector employs almost 24% of the population. As the main driving force of Markham, business services are offered by more than 870 companies with IBM being the major employer. As a world-renowned computer technology, surely it provides people in Markham an opportunity to provide for their families.

Some have opted to risk it all and start businesses. Some have succeeded and helped others in the community. Anyone in the business sectors knows that it needs courage and wisdom to venture into business. For the business man leasing commercial property in Markham, there are a few things that can help in making a wise business decision. As a purchaser, however, more pressure is on you. Some tips discussed below will help you have less pressure on you and have shrewdness when choosing the right property for you.

Guidelines when choosing a property for lease in Markham

  • Plan carefully and take your time- the real estate business is one that is uncertain. One moment things are to your favor and in a short while things turn for the worse. Having the fact in mind gives one peace of mind. Doing research early before things take a downturn will prepare you appropriately. The seller will have time to make the needed renovations while the buyer will plan his or her part of the negotiations. If you wait for last minute preparations, things will be quite difficult and the deal might fail.
  • Don’t show desperation to the landlord of the one leasing the property- when negotiating the terms of the lease, how you behave during the negotiations will determine whether you have your way or not. Always ensure you have the upper hand i.e. you’re the one controlling the direction of the negotiations. If you show nervousness or show that you fear the deal will slip from off your hands, the seller may read this and give higher charges. This is because he knows you have just one option. Remain calm, bring your offer to the table and if the seller refuses, thank them for their time and walk out. Most of the time, the buyer will call you back and settle for something favorable for you.
  • Have many options- this tip is tied together with the previous one. Most of the times when leasing commercial property in Markham, there are more than a few options to choose from. If you do your research carefully and intensively, you will have the information necessary for negotiating something you’re comfortable with. If you know there are more properties for leasing in the area, you will be calmer and focus on which one you want. If the seller knows you have more than the particular option, he will be more inclined to bend to your offer.

In addition to the guidelines explained above, having a professional adviser who knows the real estate ropes, he or she will lead you in the right direction. Leasing commercial property in Markham can be the starting point where you’ll venture into the business world and succeed.

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