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Things to do before You Buy an Esso Gas Station in Mississauga


Buying a gas station can be a very tiring and mind boggling exercise. This can be especially so if you are doing this for the first time. The first step would obviously be to decide if you want to build your own gas station or you want to use one owned by of the best oil companies in your location. Several factors might have convinced you that a brand gas station is a more profitable business than the independent one. One of the factors that may lead you to this decision may be their more convenient locations and also the fact that they generally sell more due to their lower prices.

Having made up your mind to buy from an influential brand, the next decision is the location. For instance, if you decide to buy an Esso gas station in Mississauga, there are quite a number of them in this city. You have to look at all the available gas stations and do a survey of their location. Most brand gas stations are very conveniently located. There are quite a number of them along all the major highways. You will have a range of locations to choose from along this factor alone. Is it more profitable when located on the QEW highway? Or is it better placed if it is on 401, 403, or even 427 highways? Is it better placed if it serves traffic towards Toronto or from the large city into Mississauga?

It is often quite difficult to find a gas station available for purchase in these major highways. If you are not lucky to find one, there are still other locations that are quite good for business. There are some Esso gas stations placed close to major shopping malls in the city. The large population in the city will surely buy your gas as they do their shopping in these malls. Again, you have to consider the best placed gas station from the list of the available ones. A shopping mall that has a higher volume of business is obviously more rewarding. It is also good to check if there are close competitor gas stations and if your location gives you an advantage over them.

Another factor to consider when finding a potential profit making gas station is the crime rates in the area. For instance, the Esso gas station you wish to buy in one of the major highways in Mississauga may also be in an area with high frequency of crimes. Customers would be scared and will not buy from your station no matter how visible and accessible it is. On the other hand, a station located elsewhere might be more rewarding due to the security observed in the area.

After getting the gas station in your ideal location, it is time to confirm if your profit estimates are actually correct. You can do this by talking with the previous buyer of the gas station and seeing how the business was doing then. This is also important in making improvements in the gas station to capture more opportunities.

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