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Selling Reputed Franchise Business in Brampton


Brampton city is the 9th largest city in Canada and is a highly sought for location for both business and living. The economic versatility and cultural versatility of Brampton may be due to its strategic location within the Greater Toronto Area. The economy of Brampton is diversified among various sectors like life sciences, retail businesses, food and beverage and many more others. Brampton is fast actually becoming a diverse and world class economy.

Selling a reputed franchise business in Brampton can be quite a cumbersome procedure. First in selling a franchisee there must be consent by the franchisor for sale to be completed. The buyer must meet the standards set by the franchisor in order to maintain the integrity and overall standard of the franchise. Familiarizing oneself with the criteria for buyer selection as specified by the franchisor can save you a lot of work. Here are some tips that will help in selling a reputed franchise in Brampton.

Fair Pricing

Sometimes franchise owners price the business too high to get payment for time spent on operating business and personal debts. This tactic at times does not work as the pricing does not reflect the economics of profitability that may be done on the business this discourages potential buyers. If such an inflated priced franchise is sold it becomes a problem to new operators trying to make necessary return on investment.

Information memorandum

An information memorandum is a document that details the financial and non financial achievements of a franchise business. As a seller you can make an information memorandum by detailing the business plans that have been accomplished from beginning to date.

Accuracy of financial information

Some franchisees alter the businesses financial record during sale to make the business profitable. Some may do this by inputting extra expenses or reducing the actual expenses. Adding expenses reduces the market value of a business, while reducing expenses may cause the buyer to have problems in working out the statistics and comprehending them.

Market your franchise

While selling a reputed franchise business in Brampton it is important that you also make inquiries on your own for potential buyers. The franchisor receives many inquiries for sale. To ensure you make sale do not only depend on buyers from the franchisor but also do some searching of your own.

Start Prospecting in the neighborhood

Talking with neighboring franchise owners may be quite helpful. First they may be willing to purchase the business and they have the expertise to run the business together with the know how to understand the financials. Similarly existing franchisees are more likely to be accepted by the franchisor if the purchase is within the franchise agreement.

Selling a reputed franchise business in Brampton can be time consuming, giving the sale an open timeframe will make sale easier and more likely to sell at good prices. Short fixed deadlines are tricky as when the deadline approaches frustration sets in and one may end up selling at low sale price. An open timeframe ensures you continue business and improving attractiveness of the franchise.

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