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Selling a Development Land near Ottawa


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and also the 4th largest city in Canada. This city has a population of up to 900,000 people with up to 25% being from other countries. It is a metropolitan city with a lot of diverse economic and cultural activities. The economy of Ottawa has been diversified from government and public sector based to one that also incorporates the private sector. The city of Ottawa has always enjoyed a stable and measured economy and provides a suitable environment for development of private sector and public sector investment.

When selling development land close by Ottawa it is important that you do a little work before making listings of the property. Selling undeveloped land is not easy and even harder is appraising it. To improve attractiveness of the land there are some things you should do in order to attract prospective buyers.

Land entitlements

The lack of entitlements holds the price of development land down. In order to make land more attractive, look for necessary entitlements permits. Before embarking on building of a structure, soil surveys and structural engineering surveys should be done. Financing such ventures and obtaining the necessary paperwork will make work easier for prospective developers and hence improve attractiveness of development land.

Land use information

While selling developing land the particular use to which the land is specified for will ensure you attract relevant buyers. Entitlement procedures can be time consuming so for fast sale, get a professional planner. A planner will determine viable land uses and write down land use regulations as specified by the local government. Other than this they will recommend best land uses. This will help attract relevant prospective buyers and improve the attractiveness of your property.

Sell under exercise option

If you do not want to undertake the entitlement procedures you could sell under the exercise option. This entails setting a sale price upon guaranteed developments. The buyer takes control of the land and starts the entitlement processes. If the land is found to be suitable for the agreed land use; the sale is made at a predetermined sale price. If the land does not meet the predetermined conditions the sale price has to be negotiated to suit the developments. The land can also be removed from the market till a future more profitable time.

Land Documents

Selling development land close by Ottawa involves having all the necessary documents. Documents that show ownership and acreage are vital. In making sale of undeveloped land having the certificate of occupancy that shows you are the rightful owner of the land will ensure you make sale. Without proof of ownership you cannot make sale no matter the price or potential of development of the land.

While making sale of development land it is important that you contract the services of professional commercial land valuators and agents. Valuators will give you competitive and fair prices that will guarantee sale. Agents on the other hand will ensure proper listing and professional negotiations for sale. Some land developers take advantage of landowners to get good land at lowball prices.

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