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Selling a Business in Toronto


Toronto is the economic engine of Canada and is also has the 6th largest government. It is a metropolitan city with diverse cultures and a multicultural population. The city of Toronto is ranked among the 5 top cities globally with greatest potential in economic ventures and infrastructure. With more than 2.7 million residents Toronto is a hubbub of activity in terms of consumer goods, workforce and transportation. This city has 11 key economic sectors ensuring that it is rarely affected by downturns in economy. Toronto’s economy consists of up to 11% of Canada’s annual GDP. Toronto is not only an economic powerhouse but has been termed as one of the most habitable and competitive cities of the present and the future.

If you have a business for sale in Toronto it is important to know a few things that will help you make a profitable and smooth sale. Before embarking on selling a business ask yourself these few questions.

Why am I selling?

While selling a business it is important to know why you are selling. Most of the time businesses are sold because the owner cannot operate it any more maybe due to financial constraints or medical reasons. In any of these cases you should make sale early before the situation becomes dire. By making sale early you will be able to handle stress involved with making sale and also the buyers will not have undue leverage that will make you make non- profitable sale.

What am I selling?

If you have a business for sale in Toronto it is important that you know your business assets. Once you know your assets, you ascertain what kind of sale you are making. You may be making an asset sale where you sell only physical assets but not the incorporated name or you may be making a share sale where you sell physical assets and incorporated company name. Once you know what you are selling you ask yourself the next question.

What is the value of my business?

Valuation of a business is important while you put up any business for sale in the city. Through valuation of assets you are selling you can make a good and competitive price for your business. Valuation is done through various methods that take into account business assets and future earnings projections. These approaches are used together to ascertain actual market price. The services of a professional commercial valuator will not only be more credible but also attract potential buyers.

When you have a business for sale in Toronto it is important that your business operations be at tip top state. Make sure that your books are up to date, the premises are well maintained and try as much as possible to reduce your liabilities. Investors want to purchase businesses that have potential for growth. Other than this, it is important that you contract professional services for the sale. The services of valuators, commercial real estate agents and commercial property lawyers will help make the sale less stressful.

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