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Plaza in Brampton for Sale- 4 things to know


With half a million people living there, Brampton is among the cities in the Great Toronto area that have a great deal of potential in growing economically. Normally, areas where there is a high growth potential, the standard of living is high, especially in regards to real estate. This is not the case with Brampton. Contrary to this trend, residential and commercial real estate properties are fairly affordable. With the well maintained infrastructure and its proximity to Pearson Airport, someone might think living in such a city would be expensive. Here in Brampton, things are completely the opposite.

With such knowledge, purchasing real estate or a business may seem easy. Hold on before you go off and sign a deal you didn’t think through. A plaza in Brampton for sale may look like a deal from heaven but think through first and observe from all angles. There are some important points that you need to know before making the final decision.

4 Tips to Apply during Decision-making

  • Scrutiny of the business- a plaza for sale, new or not, is a delicate business since people move in and out of the business premises regularly. The condition of the plaza needs to be perfect. An inspection of the business in detail is a requirement, both by law and businesswise. Although professionals will be on the scene, you as the prospective buyer or leaser need to be present. Be hands on i.e. follow the inspection proceedings, noting what needs to be done. With this you’ll be able to figure out a price you might be willing to spend on the plaza.
  • Checklist of what to do- this does not have anything to do with business meetings. This usually comes after the inspection. The checklist or agenda deals with what will need to be added or removed from the present state of the plaza so that it can appeal to people. As you might be receiving professional advice from corporate lawyers, they might not be the best people to talk to about what’s best for the plaza. A good idea is to talk to someone who has actual experience in such business ventures.
  • Locality of the plaza for sale- a plaza or shopping center should be strategically placed in an area where most people can have easy access to it. If the plaza in Brampton for sale is too much in the interior where access is difficult, business will be slow. For a plaza to succeed, the traffic of people needs to be constant, not constantly slow. Also something to consider; the plaza needs to be in an area that can allow growth and improvement. While considering the location, also think of the competition. Destructive competition is where your new business is situated among well-established plazas in the vicinity.

A plaza in Brampton for sale is truly a lucrative deal. However, no matter how sweet the deal looks, take a step back and observe the whole deal from a wider angle. Take into perspective the plaza’s locale, have an agenda of what the business needs and make sure you insect the property. With these tips in mind, you will be able to make the best decision.

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