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Petro-Canada Gas Station for Sale in Mississauga


Gas station business requires a lot of investment and a through knowledge and expertise. There are different types of gas stations and the ways they operate are also different. Broadly they are divided into two types; convenience gas stations or retail stations and brand name gas stations. As the name suggests, a convenience gas station is a flexible gas station that sells gas from any and every provider. On the other hand, brand name gas stations are the ones that operate by buying gas from the brand name it represents. Further, these brand name gas stations have a code of conduct that is defined by the brand. A few brand names that operate in Canada are Canadian Tire, Esso, Husky, OLCO Petroleum Group, Petro-Canada, Pioneer, Shell Canada, Ultramar etc.

As a buyer you might be interested in buying an existing business or set up a new one. Setting up a new business is totally a new genre. But, whilst buying an already set up business, there are many pros and cons associated to it. One of the major issues will be the ownership. As you are partnering with a brand you will not be the complete owner of the station and as already stated each brand has its own code of conduct and business operation structure. You will have to abide by all these restrictions to run your business smoothly.

For example, let’s say you are interested in buying Petro-Canada gas station in and around Mississauga, the best way to go about would be to check the listings in real estate sites on ‘gas stations for sale in Mississauga’. Since Mississauga is one of the fastest grown suburbs of Toronto, gas station business thrives well there, especially; if one can find a brand name gas station en route to Toronto. Petro- Canada supports the business owner in all possible ways by providing products, support, operational assistance, sales and marketing tools as well.

Contacting business brokers and getting as much details as possible about the listed property will save you a lot of time and also help you analyze the dealing in micro level. You should get basic details like construction (age or construction), types of tanks, number of tanks, capacity of the gas station and the demand (based on the location), proximity to nearby competitor’s gas stations, reason for sale, quoted price etc. Further, you can also speak to the representative of the brand and get more details on general operating procedures as well as details on the particular Petro-Canada Gas Station that has been put up for Sale in Mississauga.

The key to success in any business is to get all your doubts cleared and questions answered. Assumptions and decisions made based on partial information provided by the other parties involved will result in disappointment. Doing a proper homework based on the factual figures will help in buying a profitable business or help you to avoid investing in a bad business.

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