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Important Upgrades While Selling Commercial Condo in Ottawa, Ontario


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and the second largest in Ontario. Due to its population, location and excellent infrastructure, real estate business thrives very well in the city. The quality of life in the city is also among the highest in the world. Selling a commercial condo in Ottawa will thus attract quite a number of buyers. The value that you get for your condo will depend on a number of factors. You have no control over some of these factors such as the rate at which property value is changing and the value of other condos in the neighborhood. However, you can add the value of your condo by making some important upgrades.

Before starting on any upgrades, it is important to make sure that the general appearance of the condo is pleasant. No matter how expensive upgrades you make buyers will not be pleased if the overall condo is not in a good shape. Again, you have to confirm if the upgrades that you intend to make are in compliance with the rules of your condo association. This will remind you of which renovations are allowed and which are not. Some condos have rules that prohibit even changing the color of the paint on the wall! Others have rules that allow you to tear up a part of your unit! Know your limitations before starting any renovations.

The upgrades that you make should add the resale value of your condo and not just luxury. It is important to know what type of upgrade add value and which do not. Generally, buyers want a condo that is ready to live in, with modern facilities, latest appliances and no deferred maintenance. Although there are no rules on which upgrades and renovations add more value, you may consider the following tips.

Major renovations

Major renovations that add value to the commercial condo that you are selling include renovations in the kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets, appliances, sinks, counter tops and faucets. Mid-range and minor features in the kitchen that allow functionality will definitely bring good returns. If you decide to redesign your kitchen, you may consider making the work space in a U-shape, L-shape or triangular. If the appliances available are outdated or been used for a longer time, you may need to replace them with new and modern ones. You may also paint your drawers and cabinets to make them look new after making any necessary repairs. Buyers will be turned off by sinks that are stained and leaking faucets. The good thing about these upgrades is that they always return more than 90% of the costs.

Minor renovations

These include the flooring, walls, ceilings and storage facilities in the condo. You should make the walls and the ceiling look neat and fresh by painting them. Also remove any personal wallpaper that is on the condo. Ensure you have a neutral carpet that is neat. Additional of storage is another attractive upgrade that will increase the value of the commercial condo that you are selling.

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