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How to Sell Development Land in Oakville


From restaurants to apartment buildings and shopping plazas; these are just some of the examples people have for businesses to be located in development land. Unlike any other normal piece of land, development land in Oakville fetches quite a high price and is one of the best decisions you could ever make. As Oakville is an urban center and growing at a fast rate, the economy of the city has depended mostly on employment from the huge corporations. In recent times, however, people have started venturing out and getting into the world of business.

To sell development land in Oakville seems easy and straightforward. This is not the case as some might think. A lot goes into the selling process and if you’re not careful, things can go south really fast. Having a game plan will greatly help the situation and below are some tips that can assist you in selling development land, and at a good price.

5 Tips needed for a successful sale of development land

1.      Get a copy of the title deed. In the title deed, information of the owner of the land, the description and any hindrances on the property will be noted. Before any piece of land is sold, issues regarding the land need to be settled. It will be difficult for development land to be sold if there is any problem related to it as this brings down the total value. Get the issues sorted out before selling it.

2.      Obtain a CMA (Certified Market Analysis). This is something needed by the seller in order to put the development land up for sale. This can be handled by real estate agents. If you were to try and get the CMA by yourself, you’ll probably be shunned aside as the estate agents know each other.

3.      A survey or inspection of the land is imperative. This is to make sure that you don’t sell land that is actually not there. The buyer will be able to legitimize the property and you’ll be able to have a price for the land. A licensed surveyor will carry out the inspection process and you can get the price after the surveyor completes. Before deciding on the price, always ask around and know how much on the approximate, development land would cost.

4.      Having a real estate agent comes in handy especially when it comes the drawing up of documents and ensuring the legal process is followed. When you sell development land in Oakville, pressure might build on you if its prime land. Demand may become too much to handle. That is why a realtor works out the financial and legal process. He or she will be able to advice you on what to change and when everything is alright.

5.      Advertise, advertise, and advertise! Investors and people interested in buying development land won’t know unless they see your advert. This can be done in the local newspapers, banners and posters and the internet. The latter has become one of the most successful methods as many have access to the internet. Listing the property shows you’re focused and serious on selling the property.

If the above tips are applied along with being calm and collected, you’ll be able to sell development land in Oakville. You can be sure if that.

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