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Gas Station for Sale in Brampton

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Brampton is the third largest city in the Great Toronto Area. Other than being in close proximity with both the largest airport in Canada, Pearson Airport, it is also closely located to the city of Toronto. With a population of more than half million people transportation is an important business. In this fast growing economy transport related businesses are lucrative investments. In the event that you want to sell a gas station in Brampton it is important that you know how to do it to ensure smooth sale. While making gas station sale these tips may be beneficial in making sale.

Compile business financials

While making a gas station sale it is important that you make a compilation of all your financial and operational documents. Compiling profit and loss statements, balance sheets, sales and inventory, suppliers and maintenance companies for the a number of years will attract potential buyers and also boost your sale price.

Conduct Local Market Evaluation

While making a gas station sale it is important that you do a market analysis to make a fair and competitive sale price. Areas that have a few gas stations are normally characterized by high competition and low profits. If your gas station is located in such an area it is important that you make adjustments to suit these conditions as such scenarios are not attractive to investors.

Determine the sale price

It is important that you have a sale price figure in mind while making a gas station sale in Brampton. Make an inventory of all your fixed assets: Gas pumps, Parking space, convenience store and any other assets. Find out a fair market price for these assets. Checking business broker websites like real listing pages and view the prices for like real estate and determine a fair sale price.

List your gas station

If you are selling your gas station it is important that you list on business broker websites like www.reallistingpages.com . By doing this you improve sale chances as most investors visit such pages looking for businesses to invest in. You could also hire a business broker to handle visits and meetings with potential buyers.

Write down a sales agreement

While making sale of gas station in Brampton ensure that you have a sale agreement having a list of all business assets, sale price, payment plan and interests if payments are by installments. Make a point of meeting with potential buyers and providing them with this information and the earlier drafted financial and operational documents. The last step is finalizing the sale by providing necessary documentation required for running a gas station business and do not forget the keys.

Commercial property sale like that of gas stations requires patience as your gas station sale listing may stay on the pages for months but do not worry. Commercial real estate is not like residential property sales are not fast but slow but designed to ensure everything is in order. The last tip is you should make the gas station presentable by painting, making necessary repairs it goes a long way to improving sale price.

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