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Commercial Space for Lease in Toronto

The city of Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. With a population of up to 2.7 million it is a powerhouse for business and investments. This city boasts of a diverse economy and generates up to 11% of Canada’s GDP annually. This is a city of limitless opportunity for business and investment. Toronto is Canada's economic capital and is ranked together with global economic powerhouses like New York, Chicago and Boston. Setting up a business in Toronto can be one of the most lucrative investments one can make. However buying commercial real estate can be a bottleneck in this city. The next best option for entrepreneurs would be to look for commercial space for lease in Toronto to set up camp.

Factors to consider when choosing between leasing commercial space and buying commercial property

  • Acquiring commercial in Toronto can be quite capital intensive. The initial capital outlay in buying real estate can be quite taxing to a business. As an investor you should consider the benefits of leasing and purchasing real estate. Weigh the pros and cons of both these approaches and in the end come up with a suitable plan to suit your business.
  • Secondly by purchasing real estate in Toronto you are not only acquiring property but also the operating costs of the building. Opting to lease commercial space can be a good option as you will only have to deal with rent payments, while the owner deals with the taxation, renovation and any other operational requirements of the building.
  • When you decide to buy commercial space in Toronto you may end up limiting growth of your business. Since buying requires huge capital you may purchase a small commercial property. With Leasing you can rent a small commercial space in the beginning and increase floor space as your business grows.
  • While choosing whether to lease or buy commercial spaces consider appreciation of the property. The purchasing of commercial property that may not appreciate in value with time is not a wise investment. In such cases it would be more appropriate to lease commercial space.
  • Taxation and opportunity cost lost is the other factor to consider while weighing whether to buy or lease commercial space.

When looking for commercial space for lease in Toronto, it is important that you seek professional help. The decision to lease or buy commercial property can be at times overwhelming: Seeking the guidance of real estate professionals will help you make better decisions. The guidance of professionals who deal with this business on a daily basis can be invaluable in getting you the perfect commercial space at a right price. Analysis of the lease versus buy factors and final decision making can only be made by you, but having guidance is important. While looking at the factors to consider when leasing it is important to take the optimistic approach, the pessimistic approach and the neutral approach. After going through these steps you will land on the best option for your business.

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